Waste Collection & Cleaning

  • Skip Collection service
  • Compact waste Collection
  • Waste Containers
Mazaya-waste-collection-cleaning-Skip Collection Service

Skip Collection Service

  • On Call Customer Service
  • Scheduled Trips
  • Spare fleet availability

Compact Waste Collection

  • Collection system encouraging Compaction
  • Stand alone and Mobile compaction systems
  • Light Industrial & Commercial waste
  • Universal Bin Lifting system
  • Mobile unit capable of lifting up to 5 cbm skip
Mazaya-waste-collection-cleaning-Compact Waste Collection
Mazaya-waste-collection-cleaning-Waste Containers

Waste Containers

MWM supplies containers of different capacity

  • High quality environmentally friendly (HDPE)
  • Long Service life
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Recyclable Material
  • Compatible with all standard automated lift systems
  • Integrated Comb system to prevent manual handling
  • Wheel Steering guides